Frozen nanaaaaa!

I am the North star.


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wetkippermitten asked:
Fucking love your hair so much

Thanks sweetie :)

Anonymous asked:
have you ever had a "fashion fail"? It hurts my soul to think you've always been this perfect..

Haha I do weird things all the time that probably look terrible. Gotta make mistakes to nail down what works. Thanks!

Anonymous asked:
I must have missed something...What bands are loyal to abusers?

Consider it a general statement.

Anonymous asked:
does soapkicks77 still have a tumblr? I loved her blog so much!

Nah she doesn’t anymore. I miss her on here too though!


Seditionaries by Vivienne Westwood, Kings Road, England

Fuck bands that are loyal to and pal around with well-known abusers of women. And fuck the weak ass punks who still support those bands. Scum for scum.


Keeping up appearances #watercolor

Anonymous asked:
you are hella pretty on the outside, I'm always wondering if your spirit is too


imagine for a second a molotov cocktail stuck in a loop: heaving upwards, crashing downwards, exploding into glorious flames all over everything it touches, repeat, repeat, repeat, continuously for all eternity. Imagine your atomic structure is made of tiny molotov cocktails. Imagine your enormous inner life constantly struggling to contain itself inside your tiny body and not burst out of your chest like a polished stone obelisk erected by a Lovecraftian elder god. I am too bored, too capable of love, too sensitive and too susceptible to abstract thinking. i’m ashamed for being so extreme. my spirit is so beautiful I think about jumping in front of the train every day. (but i won’t.)




We’re in a car again.

omg hellray, how do you even get in a car with your mohawk still looking that good.

It doesn’t fit! It rubs the ceiling and compromises the structural integrity. I have to lean the seat down and push it to the floor. And also take the headrest off and still hunch over, hahaha.

At White Flag, Slaughter and the Dogs tonight.

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