Lol I’m one of them!

Birthday babe!

Anonymous asked:
i wanna pet ur head so hard it hurt ;( FOR ME!!

Anonymous asked:
if you get enough followers you should build hellraytown, kinda like jonestown, but with awesome music, art and fun, and no mass suicides. just like one badass compound in the middle of the desert where we all sing and dance and make cool stuff and play music and gather food and water and forget about the outside world and its evils

That sounds a little terrifying. 

I spent four years stressed, panicked, crazed. Tediously waiting for the end of each day to come, for the end of the week, for the end of the month, for the break at the end of the semester, for the end of the year. 

I spent every single day waiting for my next break. Now here I am, at the cusp of my academic career, nearly over. I stand here wondering where each day went. Did I even live through those moments at all? Am I really done? I never thought about my life and where I’d be at this point.

I spent all my time planning my future—but only up until this moment. I’m at the end of the novel, sulking because there is no epilogue. It’s only blank lines. Waiting for the pen, heavy in my hand, to fill them out. 

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do you ever lose followers? does it bother you?

Probably. But I don’t pay a whole lot of attention, so doesn’t bother me. Not everyone is going to like what I post. Can’t blame them. 

Give me chocolate!

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I scanned and edited this.

Poison Ivy’s Dominatrix portfolio photos at the Victorian

taken from The Cramps “How To Make A Monster” booklet, 2004



Cobra: Oretachi Oi! Oi! Oi!

Someone fly me to Connecticut in September. 

Anonymous asked:
we talk often, but im sending you this on anon because its embarrassing, you're glowing selfconfidence in everything you do/wear/say etc, has helped me with my own

Don’t be embarrassed! That’s so wonderful that you are gaining confidence, I’m ecstatic for you!! Keep feeling awesome. :3

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At the Wag Club, 1983. Photo by Derek Ridgers. 


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