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Warner Bros. Options Rights for Dragonriders of Pern Movie - /Film

And I finally listed these Tank Girl oversized patches!

Find at hellray.storenvy.com


Mark Laita, Serpentine

Apartment essentials.

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Demon of lust (Asmodeus, perhaps) from Chartres Cathedral. 

Anonymous asked:
Where do you think I could find a good women's denim vest? Preferably black but I could always just dye it myself.

Thrift stores is where I’ve gotten most of mine. Alter to fit, dye to your liking.

Anonymous asked:
you are so beautiful holy shit

Well thanks hun.

Anonymous asked:
Have you heard of Year of the Wolf from Salt Lake City?

Yes, I know Chris and Karley.

Anonymous asked:
It's stupid how people are trying to give you shit. Punk is just being you and not giving a fuck on what others think. So you aren't a poser or anything like that because punk doesn't have rules, that's why people like us love it so much. Keep on doing you lovely!

Well thanks, dude.

Anonymous asked:
Can I ask your advice/opinion? If not just ignore this message, sorry. So, one night I blacked out & apparently slapped/hit my then bf in the head a couple times. He forgave me, but I'm not normally a violent person & now feel like I'm an abuser, which I guess I am. This makes me extremely depressed & I'm not sure how to accept it I guess. Any advice/opinions?

Uh, well obviously striking your significant other is not good at all. Maybe one outburst didn’t make you a systematic abuser. But if you feel so conflicted maybe you should seek professional help because I can’t really help you as much someone with more expertise.



the professional: mathilda - interiors || food film caps

from the movie, Leon: The Professional

Short run of cat punx patches until I can get some more white paint. @mennie_menners and @pacificgrown I’ll have one for you next time I see you!

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