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mercurymessenger asked:
How do you put your hair up?

Tease, hairspray, pull straight, blow dry spray. :)

sellyourseconds asked:
Wheeoooo you're so cute!

Nah, you cute! :3

Anonymous asked:
put your wrists through then straps to a bed post

Hmmm, that’s certainly a viable option.

Anonymous asked:
It might be a joke harness for a dog or cat or something.

I’m totally gonna try to put it on Darby.


Julio Ruelas(1870-1907) ~ Calavera 1897

theinsideisthebestpart asked:
Looks like maybe it goes around your neck and then around de boobies too? I dunno.

Maybe if it were bigger. It’s only about six inches across. I guess I should have put a size comparison in the photo haha. :)

Anonymous asked:
I'm not too sure, but if it's an accessory, it looks like it could be like a choker or maybe a bracelet?

It’s about the right size to go around a wrist so that’s what I initially thought. But I can’t figure out how the straps would work. Several people have suggested it is bondage gear, but it’s too small to go around the chest or groin. Probably even too small for the head.

Could anyone possibly tell me what this is? It came in a lot of leather accessories but I can’t figure out how it’s supposed to be used or what it is. Help!

A #fbf to Red 7 bathroom picssss. I miss Austin real bad!


Postcards depicting Vasilisa Mikulishna and Nastasia Korolevichna by Sergei Solomko. (Source.)

Anonymous asked:
Can you explain the purpose of punk to me? I don't mean that in a mean way, I'm just confused on it

That’s a long and loaded question. The simplest answer I can give is as an escape from our harsh daily reality and to serve as a community of similarly-minded individuals.

asymmetrical-butterfly asked:
Your replies to these pitiful anons is just one of many reasons I love your blog & you're one of my favorite people ever.

Thanks doll! Honestly I probably shouldn’t validate them with an answer at all, but they’re usually so ridiculous that it’s laughable. And they come rarely enough to also be used as a tool to show people that non-constructive criticism is useless and shouldn’t be taken to heart. Point and laugh, then move on. Putting positive energy into the universe is much more important.


road warriors | ph. by greg kadel for numéro, sep 13

Calling someone out for being a poser is usually a desperate attempt to validate one’s own place within a subculture.

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